Polypropylene stainless steel castors. Bolt or fixed mount, brake or swivel, high quality stainless steel castors.

RentalSpec Ltd offer a wide variety of stainless steel castors to fit to trolleys, bogeys or dolleys - and we have been supplying such castors for more than 20 years. We also offer a bespoke materials handling service, and both design and manufacture trolleys, cages, a-frames and stillages at our Cardiff factory. We offer our clients an in-house CAD software design service, and can create samples very quickly. We have specialised in the supply of castors and wheels to suit all applications for more than 20 years. 

We hold a large stock of castors in our Cardiff warehouse, and can source from around the world, a variety of sizes, materials and uses - typically fitted to trolleys and bogeys. We could also supply you with custom designed trolleys, trucks, stillages and cages, shopping trolleys, cash and carry trolleys, specialist bakery dolleys.           

               Stillages * cages * security cages * trolleys * bakery dolleys * cash and carry trolleys * platform trolleys

 We hold a large stock locally, at our Cardiff warehouse, and can dispatch the same day!

                                                                          Email:  sales@rentalspec.com              Tel: 02920 450 128











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